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How to become IFS Officer • Who is IFS Officer • What is salary of IFS officer

 Like IAS and IPS, one of the most important and top services of India is IFS i.e. Indian Foreign Services Indian Foreign Service ie Indian Foreign Service is a special service to handle the affairs of Indian Ministry of External Affairs which handles issues outside the country. This organization is responsible for repressing India in international organizations and all the country.

And the responsibility of developing India's trade and cultural relations is that of the IFS officer, so if you think about becoming an IFS officer then this post is for you because in this post today we will show you the duties of IFS officer and IFS We are going to tell you about the preparations to be made to reach the post, so read this post in its entirety.

What is the duty of IFS officer?

An IFS officer handles and protects India's Trade, Investment, Political, Economy, Cultural Ishu Media Relations while representing India in other countries and international organizations, along with promoting the commercial and economic interests of IFS Officer India India Exports Industrial Corporation also promotes trade events and ferries.

Developing and promoting friendly relations with the state and its people and providing counselor facilities to non-resident Indians and foreigners residing in India is also the duty of an IFS officer to handle the Legal Disputes Protocol Issues Press and Publicity and multilateral such as United Nations Representing India in the organization is also the duty of an IFS officer. An IFS officer has a lot of responsibilities, some of which we have known about the particular duty.

Which process needs to be followed to become IFS officer

There is no separate exam to become an IFS officer, rather the Civil Service Examination - CSE, which is conducted every year by the UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission, is to be given by the candidates who crack this exam, IS, IPS, IFS. You get a job and for which of these positions you will be selected, it will be decided according to your marks and preferences.

What should be IFS Officer Educational Qualification

To become an IFS officer, first of all, you have to clear 10 +2 exam, you can have any stream in it i.e. Arts, Commerce or Science, after this you will have to get a graduation degree from Indian University which can be in any stream.

If you are in the final year of the degree course, then you can sit in the pre exam for the IFS officer, to talk further, if the age limit, then on August 1 of the exam year, the candidate must be 21 years old and on this date, the candidate Should not be 30 years of age, that is, you must be within 21 to 30 years of age to become an IFS officer.

Now let's talk about other criterias

Candidate India should be a citizen of Nepal, Bhutan, in addition to Indian origin people from countries like Tibetan Refugee and Pakistan Burma Sri Lanka can become IFS officers but only after fulfilling many conditions related to it, they are considered eligible to become IFS officers. Could and now know.

About UPSC Civil Service Exam, which you can clear by becoming an IFS officer, this exam is completed in two steps. There are question papers and their duration is 2 hours. Only those candidates who clear the Preliminary Exam can give the main exam.

There are no papers in Mains exam which consists of language qualifying paper, English qualifying paper, General esay paper, two gerenal studies paper and four optional subject papers. Is performed

And the candidates who have purchased the interview are late selected for the post of IAS officer and subsequently the selected candidates are trained in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Masuri and Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi and about 36 A Trent IFS officer gets ready in months.

What should be skills for IFS officer?

Being on the position of an IFS officer, the responsibility of handling all the international matter related to the country is very large, so it is necessary to have very special quality for this post in an officer.

Which: Good Communication Skills, Diplomatic Approach, Leadership Quality, Analytics Skills Export in Deep Interest Global Affairs in International Relations, Country Polytechnic, Good Knowledge of Economy Culture, Decision making ability and Physical stamina Easy to become IFS Officer by clearing Civil Service Exam No but if you really want to reach this position

So you will work hard with complete dedication and discipline and try continuously without getting depleted and by doing so the chances of becoming an IFS officer will increase a lot, that's why it is important to know that IFS officer third is also important for you. As a secretary, you start your career with foreign posting, after that you become second secretary and then first secretary after getting promotion.

After that, till you become a Counselor, Minister, Ambassador, High Commissioner and Permanent Representative, the journey starts with this exam, so if you want to continue on to higher positions in the Indian Foreign Service, then you must first clear the IFS Officer exam and then While working on your position, you will have to work with complete honesty and dedication, so start preparing now.

We hope that you would have liked this information related to becoming an IFS officer and you will get a lot of work in the future, keep on supporting us to get such innovative and interesting information and tell us how you like this information, along with it. Tell me what you want to know and do not forget to share this post with more and more people, keep a lot of attention Thank You !




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